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A Feast of Sounds and Colours

Spring Holidays in the Heart of the Dolomites

Mother Nature blesses Val Badia in the spring. Nature awakens from the winter torpor and initiates a spectacle of sounds and colors, bringing with it dynamism and a wave of vitality and new energy. On the ski slopes of the Kronplatz and Alta Badia, there is never a grey day. In spring you can ski kissed by the sun until Easter. The days get longer and the temperatures become milder. A wonderful invitation to take excursions and bike rides in a scenario full of life.

Spring Kaleidoscope

Awakening of Life and Blooming Flowers in the Dolomites

In the valley floor, the snow-covered peaks are gradually replaced by the bright green of the spring meadows and the delicate lilac and white composition of the spring crocuses. Higher up in the mountains, the spring anemone grows out of the white snowy mantle. On the larches, the first red shoots begin to be glimpsed and the solldanellas make their entrance into the scene. In late spring, the meadows of Armentara and Rit are the perfect place to strolls, contemplating the beauty of the spring blooms while the farms in the Dolomites surround themselves with the intense yellow of the dandelions, becoming part of a postcard landscape.
The Awakening of Nature

The Music of Nature in Spring

At the agritourism Alpinus you are awoken by the chirping of birds, while the water melts into music with the thaw. Streams and torrents increased by the melting of snow give rise to a symphonic feel. The chamois, the deer, and the roe deer begin to descend downstream to nourish themselves on the fresh turf and to give birth to their cubs in the month of May. An unmissable natural spectacle is signified by the sounds of the waterfalls that come off from the Sas dla Crusc in spring, audible also from our hut on the Munt de Rit.
Summer is Coming

Summer Holidays in the Dolomites

Towards the end of spring, the streams are full of water and the last snow disappears on the peaks. The Fanes plateau turns into a natural spectacle unparalleled with makeshift islets and majestic waterfalls. The season of hiking and climbing together with the time of the long evenings admiring the pale mountains burned by the rays of the sun is starting.