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The Harmony of Colours

On Autumn Holidays in Val Badia

During autumn the Dolomites is stained in warm hues. At the bottom of the valley, the red and yellow leaves start to fall, while in the woods of Val Badia, the larch foliage represents an unmissable sight. The golden yellow gradient leaves room progressive from orange to bronze, punctuated by the green of the fir trees gives the Dolomites an idyllic palette of colors. Autumn in the Dolomites is also the mating season for the deer and the season in which the cattle fall from the pasture. On the hiking trails reigns solitude and the Enrosadira on the Pale Mountains becomes particularly bright. September and October are usually months full of sunny days and almost free of rainfall, making autumn the perfect season for outdoor activities and for a holiday in Val Badia. It's the beginning of magic.

Landscapes Rich in Contrasts

Autumn Tips in Val Badia

For your autumn stay in Val Badia we recommend a walk in the woods behind our agritourism, where you can still find chanterelles and porcini mushrooms. The path of the ‘Val di Morins’ in Longiarù gives a glimpse of the Ladin culture among the magic of the colors of the larches. The itinerary passes through the characteristic living quarters called ‘Viles’ of Seres and Mischí, and crosses nine perfectly functioning water mills. In the village of San Martino in Badia, the didactic path Vistles with its pond is ideal for a relaxing walk, while reaching the sanctuary La Crusc/Santa Croce or the Gardenacia plateau in autumn has a special flavor.
Cultural Activities

Autumn Events in Val Badia

On the first Sunday of November in Badia takes place the so-called 'Leonhardi-Ritt', a cavalcade, where a Haflinger and Noriker horses, accompanied by knights in typical costumes, musical bands, and allegorical, parade. Also, the event 'Sonns y Saus de Armentara' on the meadows of Armentara mention also deserves a mention. It is a feast with music and specialties of the typical Ladin cuisine, where you can taste the tasty 'tutres' or 'furtaies'. And to stay on the cultural theme, a visit to the Museum Ciastel de Tor in San Martino in Badia allows a journey through the history and culture of the Ladin people.
White Falls the Snow

Skiing Holidays in the Dolomites

Towards the end of November, the contrasts of the late autumn, with its brownfields, its sugary mountains, and its yellow forests, leave room for silence and a candid white blanket that carefully covers the farms, the pastures and Dolomite peaks. While the ski slopes are prepared on the Kronplatz, the season of the Christmas markets begins. The Dolomites, even in winter, thrill to amaze those who decide to visit them.